We invite you to join our community at Ring of Hope Boxing Club in Dallas. Upon sign up, our new volunteer’s will receive one-on-one instruction in our unique training program. Our “boxing technique” class is instructed by professional boxer Zachary Wohlman, whom is currently trained by the most famous trainer of our decade, Freddie Roach. Through guidance and proper instruction of boxing fundamentals, we have created a “dojo style” training system that is based in self defense and spirtiual principles. Our Ring of Hope volunteer’s will take on multiple role’s in becoming a coach, mentor and friend to our students. We ask that our new members are able to commit at least one day a week to coaching in our community. By showing up for our students we are able to build meaningful and deep rooted relationships, guiding them as they grow into young adults. Our mission at Ring of Hope is to Educate, Empower and Engage through the discipline of boxing.

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I understand that my references and employment may be contacted and a thorough criminal background check will be conducted. I authorize investigations of all statements contained in this application.

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I declare that I am not a pedophile or child molester and that I have not perpetrated physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse or neglect against a child, youth or an adult and that I have never been accused of these acts.

I understand and agree that false statements and/or omissions regarding past conduct and/or present situations may be grounds for denial of application and that refusal to inform ROHBC of the contents of a sealed criminal record will result in the automatic denial of the application.