Meet the Coaches

Meet the Coaches


Hector Pena

Head Coach – Dallas


Coach Hector Pena is a former professional boxer and a believer in Jesus Christ. He started boxing at the age of 10 with his friends. His passion for boxing comes from his grandfather, a professional boxer, who would sit on the edge of his seat moving forward every time the round started as he watched boxing matches on TV from Madison Square Garden. Hector became a professional boxer in 1972, winning 5 Regional Golden Gloves Championships in Texas, along with being a 2 time state runner up and the Texas Professional Champion in 1974. Coach Hector has been with the Ring of Hope Boxing Club since its inception in 2010 for our Dallas Club. His passion is the growth and development of our youth as he guides and directs them to grow physically and spiritually.


Ricky Hulkenberg

Head Coach – The Colony


Coach Ricky Hulkenberg is a follower of Jesus Christ, and has trained multiple fighting styles for 12 years now. He started martial arts as a young teen, then made the move to mixed martial arts in college. He brings diversity in his approach to boxing, and is always inspiring the youth to become all that they can be- both in and out of the ring. His history in youth athletics, church youth leadership, and multiple ministries has given him a passion for mentorship, and sharing the love of Christ with those he serves.